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Dr Kirsty Hildebrandt, Director and Clinical Psychologist, was pleased to be part of the professional response to the NDIS Independent Assessor plans. Dr Hildebrandt contributed to the Australian Clinical Psychologists Association (ACPA) response to NDIS plans to introduce Independent Assessors for NDIS clients. We aim to help clients experience professional, sensitive, fairer, and easier access and review by the NDIS.

NDIS funding has greatly improved many people’s lives, as we at Catalyst Psychology have seen. Gaining access to the NDIS can be confusing and challenging for clients. Research and our clinical experience has found that access can sometimes be unfair, with some people receiving more funds than others with similar needs, or some clients with disabilities not receiving access at all. Annual NDIS reviews can be onerous, time consuming, costly and upsetting for clients. At other times, NDIS staff have not understood the psychological or disability needs of clients. The NDIA is introducing Independent Assessors to aid fairer and more equitable access to NDIS funding, as well as to make reviews to funding easier for clients. Dr Hildebrandt was pleased to contribute to the ACPA response to these plans as part of the NDIA community consultation process. We focussed on how the NDIS can make the Independent Assessor program work best for clients, be psychologically sound, evidenced-based and equitable. It was interesting to hear the views of NDIS clients from Catalyst Psychology – with many welcoming Independent Assessors, but many also having reasonable concerns about how the program would work. Hopefully the program improves the experience of NDIS participants. The Psychologists at Catalyst Psychology continue to support NDIS clients and will help clients navigate the new Independent Assessor processes.

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