Learning Difficulties

Learning difficulties assessment

Does my child have learning difficulties?

Some children and teens have significant difficulties learning overall, or in just a few areas. Some signs of this may be:

  • refusing or reluctance to go to school
  • very slow progress in maths, writing or reading
  • being quite behind other children in academic tasks
  • anxiety or excessive worry about school
  • poor study skills or exam skills
  • poor motivation for academic work
  • anger or emotional outbursts
  • prolonged problems with mixing up letters or sentences, reversing letters
  • difficulty expressing themselves in writing
  • difficulty remembering concepts and facts
  • difficulty concentrating on work, and getting easily distracted.

They may have global developmental delay or a developmental disorder. Or they may have specific learning difficulties with reading (dyslexia), written expression (dysgraphia), maths (dyscalculia) or attention (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). It is important for these children to have recognition of their needs and help as early as possible. Research has shown that early intervention improves their long term outcomes, in learning, mental health and life.

Speak to your child’s teacher, head of year, and other parents if you are concerned.

Catalyst Psychology has Psychologists specifically trained in identifying the learning needs of children and young people. We have extensive experience in schools, private practice and public mental health services. We help many clients overcome challenges, improve their learning and develop important life skills. Contact us for more information about a psychology assessment for learning difficulties.

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