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How do I apply for NDIS funding?

NDIS provides funds for children, teens and adults with significant disabilities. The aim is to help NDIS clients complete their daily activities, participate in the community, engage in training or work, manage their behaviour, have good relationships, and manage their feelings better.

The NDIS often relies on medical and allied health professionals to assess the disability needs of clients, as well as to provide this support.

Toddlers and preschool children showing clear difficulties in playing, communicating, or behaving in an age-appropriate way may qualify for NDIS ECEI funding. Often early childhood educators, maternal health and child nurses, and paediatricians will help with this. See the NDIS website for more information.

Primary school aged children, teenagers and adults under 65 wanting NDIS funding may need more formal reports or letters from health professionals. This is so NDIS can see if the person qualifies for funding and work out what support they need to manage everyday life. You need to show that you or your child:

  • has a permanent, significant disability or developmental delay. This can be a significant mental health-based disability or a combination of significant physical, developmental, intellectual, learning, or mental health issues
  • needs the support of others or services to get through everyday life
  • has Australian citizenship or permanent residency

Catalyst Psychology often helps children, teens and adults access NDIS funding. We provide psychology assessments of intellectual or cognitive level, learning difficulties, developmental disorders (such as Autism) and mental health. We also provide recommendations about what support a person may need. We provide psychology therapy for NDIS clients on managing feelings and relationships, improving social skills and behaviour, improving study skills, accessing education and work, and parenting.

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